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Top 5 Erotic Adult Web Series of 2020

If there is one thing that the OTT platforms have allowed Indian creators to practice, it is to provide them with a platform where all kinds of content can exist without any sort of societal shame or judgment. OTT platforms allow their user to personalize their entertainment. This is why there is no dearth of shows of all kinds and genres. Many genres that were dead to Indian television have come alive. One such genre is erotic adult web series.  These shows use sexual intimacy and eroticism in their plots to tell a story in a titillating way. There are a lot of things that are staple to erotic adult web series. Some of them are sexual themes, graphic nudity, eroticism, etc.

India as a country is very sexually repressive and closeted. Hence, these erotic adult web shows help an average of 18+ men or women to awaken their sexuality. Moreover, It also encourages them to not be ashamed about it. It is why these 18+ erotic shows are always trending on various Indian OTT platforms. People either watch it online or download them through various sources.

So without any further ado, let’s look at the 5 best erotic adult web series 0f 2020 and where to watch them.

5. Gandi Baat Season 4

Where to watch- Alt Balaji

Gandi Baat has long been in news because of its provocative nature of storytelling that narrates erotic stories from the rural parts of India.  The show explores various sexual fantasies and experiences that people living in small towns and villages go through. As of now the show has explored various sexual themes like adultery, threesome, homosexuality, etc. Much like its previous season, Gandi Baat 4 also uses sexual themes to titillate its audience and their fantasies. Since the show breaks all the norms of Indian society regarding sex and intimacy and explicitly indulges in taboo sexual activities, it has always enjoyed a top spot in the list of 18+ sex shows in India.

4. Charmsukh

Where to watch- Ullu app

Charmsukh is another anthological 18+ sex show that tells various stories about sex and love. The show has various episodes that deal with different subject matter like adultery, etc. in a raunchy and exciting way. It relies on graphic imagery to put forth its themes and push the storyline.  The show has gotten massive response because of its subject matter which deals with a lot of taboo subject. The erotic show has been directed by Amit Khanna and is perfect for a date night with your partner.  

3. Wife in a metro

Where to watch- Ullu app

Wife in a metro narrates the story of a lonely wife who is unsatisfied with her sexual life. Her husband doesn’t care much about her and she spends most of her time in solitude. Her life changes upside down when she gets into an extramarital affair with a romantic man. Things become troubling when she starts having feelings for the man. Wife in a metro is a rare erotic drama that tells a mature story and not just relies on sex and nudity to attract eyeballs. That being said, the show doesn’t come without graphic imagery and nudity. So it has a bit for everyone.

2. Kavita Bhabhi

Where to watch- Ullu app, MX Player

Kavita Bhabhi is an erotic sex show which captures the life of a hot, middle-aged woman, who works as a phone sex operator. The show captures the life of a sex worker in a bold and erotic way. Through its protagonist, Kavita Bhabhi, the show tries to portray the various fantasies that Indian men and women hide from society. This includes various sexual activities and secrets. The show is one of the boldest and erotic shows on Indian OTT.

1. Gandi Baat Season 5

Where to watch- Alt Balaji

Riding the popular wave is Alt Balaji’s Gandi Baat. Since the show debuted in 2018, it has gone on to become one of the most popular and talked-about erotic adult web show in India. You could even say that the trend of erotic web shows was made popular by Gandi Baat. The major reason behind the show’s massive popularity is the way it narrates stories about sex from rural India. The show is an anthological show with each episode telling a different story. The only common thread that ties all the episodes is the running theme of sexuality and closeted intimacy. The show captures the rawness of rural India and mixes it with urban sensibilities.      

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