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Queen – The Life and Times of Tamil Nadu’s Amma

MX Player has revealed the teaser for their newest web-series, Queen, based on the life of late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa. Directed by the acclaimed Tamil director Gautham Menon and Prasath Murugesan, the show is set to star Ramya Krishnan (of Baahubali fame) in the lead.

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  2. Cast and Crew
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“State Topper. Superstar Heroine. Youngest Chief Minister.”
As the above caption goes, the show is based on the incredible life of the Superstar of Tamil Nadu who later went on to become the youngest Chief Minister in Tamil Nadu’s history. She became a mother figure for the people of Tamil Nadu, soon garnering nicknames such as Amma and Thalaivi.
The show will be available in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Cast and Crew

The acclaimed Ramya Krishnan of Baahubali fame is set to star in the lead as J. Jayalalithaa.
Anikha is to star as the younger Jayalalithaa.
Indrajith Sukumaran will star as Jayalalithaa’s mentor M. G. Ramachandran.
Vamsi Krishna is cast as Sobhan Babu along with Vineeth and Ranjith rounding up the supporting cast.


The teaser for the show was released on 1 Dec 2019. The trailer is set to release on 5 Dec 2019. To be informed about the trailer, click here

Platforms to Watch

The teaser was released on 1 Dec 2019. The trailer for the show will release on 5th Dec 2019. The first season is set to feature 11 episodes and will be available on MX Player‘s streaming service.
MX Player can be downloaded from Google PlayStore.

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