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Virgin Bhasskar – From Imagination to Reality

AltBalaji has continued its trend of raunchy sex-comedies with their newest offering, Virgin Bhasskar, the tale of 26-year old Bhasskar Tripathi, who becomes famous by writing exciting lustful tales for adults. The only problem is all the action is only in his colorful mind and he never got to experience the fun himself. A comedy of errors and boldly executed adult stories, the show explores the lengths men can go to grab some action.

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  2. Cast and Crew
  3. Episodes and Release Date
  4. Platforms to Watch
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The show revolves around Bhasskar Tripathi, a 26-year old Banaras based virgin boy who is desperate to get some action in his life. His shyness to approach women and the subsequent resentment makes his social life difficult for him. On the other hand, this same problem is in a way boon to him as his colorful imagination makes him a famous adult writer. His stories are bold, lustful and work with men who have a similar problem as him.
He and his friend Mishra are on the hunt to find his perfect mate and then enter the beautiful and smart Vidhi. Vidhi is way out of his league but he still tries his luck with her. It all comes falling down when she discovers his work. Bhasskar determined to win her heart and lose his virginity goes on a comical quest to make Bhasskar a man. Will Bhasskar finally lose his virginity or will he forever stay Virgin Bhasskar?

Cast and Crew

Anant Joshi of Gandii Baat fame star as the lead, Bhasskar Tripathi
Rutpanna Aishwarya as Vidhi Pandey
Dherendra Kumar Tiwari as Mishra Ji
Himanshu Arora as Rohan
Directed by Sakshat Dalvi and Sangeeta Rao

Episodes and Release Date

There are a total of 11 episodes in this show and all the episodes are available for viewing from 19 November on AltBalaji and Zee5.

Trailer for Virgin Bhasskar

Platforms to Watch

All 11 episodes are available for viewing on the following streaming services.
AltBalaji, which can be subscribed at Rs 100 for three months and at Rs 300 for twelve months.
ZEE5, which can be subscribed at Rs 99 for a month, at Rs 599 for 6 months and at Rs 999 for a year.


The show has an IMDB rating of 8.7/10 and 3.4/5 on MyMovieRack.
A comedy of errors, the show brings a lot of colorful characters, imaginative stories and men going to desperate heights to have some fun in their lives. The cast is especially funny with Joshi being a believable lead. Tiwari’s Mishra Ji is a wonderful sidekick and Rutpanna will definitely steal your hearts with her sharp mouth and a sharper brain. All in all, this is a really funny show and another excellent addition in the AltBalaji roster.

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