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Web-series You Should Check Out If You Like Pitchers

Fan of the Pitchers ? Searching for something else that might be similar? Here’s a bunch of shows that might be your cup of tea.

What the Goat

While Pitchers make the entrepreneurship world look full of glory, this is a show that takes a slight twist and show us the dark and depressing truths of this glorious looking world in a satirical and humorous way. This is one unique take on the world of startups.


A tale of three flatmates who decide open a midnight food delivery service and the crazy misadventures they face in their ways. This ScoopWhoop show is one of the hilarious things you can come across on Youtube.

Office Vs Office

Film makers sharing office-space with an analyst firm. Yes, you heard that right. The guys at Screen Patti came up with this unique idea about two totally different companies who share the same office area and of course hilarity and chaos ensues. The show stars a lot of TVF and Screen Patti comedians and the hilarious Cyrus Sahukar.

Better Life Foundation

If you happen to be a fan of The Office , then this is definitely the show for you. A mockumentary about the mishaps that take place in an NGO starring some of the finest stand-up comedians of India like Naveen Richards, Kanan Gill, Sumukhi Suresh and Utsav Chakraborty.

Official Chukyagiri

Starring some amazing people like Sunny Kaushal, Gopal Datt, Anand Tiwari, Aahana Kumra and Sumeet Vyas, this show is about a young intern who comes to Mumbai to make his dreams come true and all the insane things that happen in his office.


Shaadi Boys

Three boys Neil, Nitin and Mukesh start their own startup where they plan weddings and soon enough they bag one of the grandest wedding of the city. What ensues is an endless spree of booze, sex, some comedy, some drama and more booze and sex.


TVF Bachelors

This might seem like an unusual choice but you will soon realize why we are talking about this show. It has four bachelors go through almost similar life problems and how they handle them through rather simple solutions.


So which one are you gonna binge now?







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