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Best Clean Comedy Web Series That Are Safe At Work

Looking for something that you can watch anywhere, around anyone without putting those headphones on? Here is something that might be able to help you out.

The Aam Aadmi Family

A show that everyone in the family can watch and relate to. It’s a story of a family consisting of a gossip-loving grandmother, a hardworking father, a sanskaari mother and two grown up kids who deal with their middle classness in the coolest way possible.

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Take 2

Yup one of TV’s most popular family is back in Hotstar. When Sarabhai aired first on TV, everyone loved it for its sense of humor and a story that was way ahead of its time. Now they are back and we are still in awe with Ratna Pathak Shah’s brilliant portrayal of Maya Sarabhai

Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa

We know the name might suggest otherwise but trust us when we say that this is one unique approach to delivering information about sex/sexuality related themes in an honest and hilarious approach. This YFilms show features a young curious Pappu who shoots some outrageous questions to his Papa, played by Anand Tiwari, who answers all his questions in ways that provide laughter and education.



Over the time, TVF has been giving us some of the best shows and this is another one of them about three fathers who try to cope up with the modern world by trying everything that’s on the trend, from Game of Thrones to Startups.



Starring Bollywood’s baddest Gulshan Grover in a fictional version of himself as he relaunches himself once again but this time as a good guy leading to hilarious results. The show features a lot of celebrity cameos too.


CM CM Hota Hai

A tale of a common man who becomes a Chief Minister and soon has to live up to the expectations of everyone as he copes up with his new responsibilities in a funny and hilarious plot. Atul Srivastava stars in the lead and gives us some laugh out loud moments.


So which one are you gonna binge now?


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