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A Shift in Indian Television Industry to Web-Series

Indian Television industry has witnessed quite a shift in trend in past few years. From all the way to daily soaps, the audience is more inclined towards the web series. Web-series are series uploaded on YouTube or some other networks like TVF Play.

These web series are being encouraged by the audience as they short, relatable and gives you real time experience. You don’t have to dedicatedly sit for two hours like in conventional movies and neither you have to designate yourself like in your living room at front of your TV or have to book show and go to theaters. These mini packets of entertainments are easily accessed and with just one data pack recharge you have a platter of different genres.

The other reason is the content is original and relate-able. I don’t have six pack abs and rarely my friends have. Our girlfriends don’t wear a bikini or show their cleavage. We don’t have merges or BMs. Neither are we too funny or too serious. Of course, we drink, we smoke and sometimes get laid but that is certainly not what our primary goal of life. So, when I Suits or Big Bang or any Bollywood movie like Student of the Year I can’t relate it. But when I see Pitchers or Permanent Room Mates, I see myself and so web series is exploding.

Moreover, these web series act as fillers in your day to day life. Everyone is well familiar with a life of a commoner in a metro, where every individual on an average spend 1.5 to 2 hours in traveling to and fro from home to their working place. In such a scenario these series are the best time pass and this is the major reason why people have shifted their interest more towards web series from conventional media entertainment.



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